Artist Statement

In the beginning of my artistic career, I was greatly influenced by Surrealism and the incorporation of elements of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions in an artwork. These ideas are still found in my oeuvre but in the contemporary context by combining my tight control of the medium with a partial reliance on chance.

When painting, I tend to give more preference to landscapes than any other genre because I feel an endless urge to connect with nature, particularly with non-urban spaces, in order to escape (at least metaphorically) from the routine of everyday life that is often full of stress and frustration.

I’m always open to experimentation, and I favor all kinds of “accidents” in my work because I believe that everything is done for a reason whether we realize it or not. At times, I completely let the subconscious guide my hand, which often brings about unanticipated yet satisfying results.

Generally, I tend to create scarcely representational semi-abstract works with subtle hints of symbolism that in one way or another echo my inner world. By allegorically pouring my deepest feelings and emotions onto the canvas, I intentionally give my paintings a feel of transcendent melancholy that is compelled to grasp the viewers’ attention and make them wonder about the subject matter of the piece.